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ScentyMenthy Box

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Scent of eucalyptus oil refreshes the air in the mask for various reasons, including bad breath, helps with breathing difficulties.
ScentyMenthy is a patch that you attach outside, inside or to the ear loops of the mask.

Thae scent of natural eucalyptus oil refreshes the air inside the mask for various reasons, aincluding bad breath, and also helps with breathing difficulties if you feel stuffy when wearing a mask.

For those who:
Feel stuffy when wearing a mask
Wear a mask every day
want to relieve nasal congestion - a blocked nose
want to breathe cool, fresh air while wearing a mask

1. open the bag and pull off the protective foil.
Apply the patch inside or outside the mask. (Avoid direct contact with the skin).
3. use more than one patch if necessary
4 The patch can be used for 4-6 hours and should not be reused as it is a disposable patch.

Content: 1 bag of 10 pieces
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